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    13 May 2019

    PTO Meeting – Tuesday May 7th, 2019

    • Teacher Appreciation Week is happening – candy in office, pizza being ordered, letters being written by grade level


    Mr. Corkery’s Update

    • MCAS testing is going well – Math will finish this week, science is the next 2 weeks
    • If an 8th grade student fails ELA or Math twice, they have mandatory summer school. Students need to go and pass or they return to 8th grade. There is no cost for the parents for this program.
    • Fire Drill – Aquafina machine was smoking – pulled the breaker, ordered a new machine, outlet was tested, replaced the outlet
    • Next Year Information
      • We are getting bigger, there are going to be 6 new teachers
      • 4 additi onal regular education teachers, 2 ELL teachers
      • Beginning ELL program is coming to Nettle
      • District right sizing – some Pentucket Lake 4th graders will be coming to Nettle
      • We will own our own specialists next year – meeting for parents on 6/4 at 4:30 to discuss changes in the building and input on scheduling
      • Teachers are going to form a team (with parents) to look at how to write a schedule (keeping intervention block in some form)
      • If we are going to change the schedule, this is the time to do it
      • SRO will stay in the building next year
    • May 29th – MARC Program is coming for 5th and 6th graders (time TBA)
    • June 6th – fifth graders are going to museum of science and fourth graders will come up to visit fifth grade classrooms and get introduced to the school (VIP club will take control of this and work with Ms. Melillo to set that day up)
    • June 10th – field day for entire school
      • Students will attend 1st and 2nd period
      • staff/student volleyball game 10:30-11:30
      • Break apart for lunch outside (barbeque, etc)
        • Some kids inside, some kids outside and then switch
        • KONA Ice 11:30am-2:30pm
      • Tug of War, Dodgeball, Badmitton, etc.
      • Different Rooms – phones, music, gaming room?


    End of Year Information

    • June 12th – 8th Grade Graduation
      • Pizzas will be picked up from Dominos
      • Volunteers are needed to help set up (NHS 7th graders?)


    Treasurer’s Report

    • Tax-exempt status is official again!
    • Box Tops 103.10, 354.60 for the year
    • We have raised 6,311.38 to date
    • Concessions at volleyball/basketball was over $1,000
    • Mrs. Murach and Miss Gentile requested $500 for the Museum of Science 5th grade field trip for busing and it was approved
    • Mrs. Koocher requested funding for Clickers, 10 computers, MSP/LSP/ELL OT/PT students could use as well and it was approved.


    Fundraising Ideas for Next Year

    • Adrenaline Fundraising (https://adrenalinefundraising.com/)
      • Mrs. Joubert met with Brett and he is very intense about fundraising and students receive periodic rewards for selling a certain amount
      • Cookie Dough Fundraising
      • Kids receive t-shirt, backpack, amazon gift card incentives for selling a certain amount of boxes
      • Brett will come in during early school year (9/5 or 9/6) in afternoon to present to each grade level (Mrs. Joubert will call and schedule with him)


    • Food Truck Festival – Weekday night in September – Nice Food Trucks… Then come inside for Bingo? Trivia? Silent Auctions? open up to surrounding communities too


    • Escape the School – Weekday night in January – family event to raise money where clues are given and they have to “escape the school”


    Miscellaneous Details

    • Big Brother/Big Sister? – many children at Nettle need an additional adult in their life
    • PTO sponsored activities to create connections with adults outside the school
    • Photography?
    • Mann’s Orchards pies – next year, suggest donations in addition to purchasing?
    • Polo shirts for UN, Academic Bowl, etc – 20 more polo shirts (Adult S, M, L)



    Nettle PTO Update


    Nettle PTO Updates and Events for May


    Tuesday, May 7th– PTO meeting in the Library at 3:30pm


    Wednesday, May 8th– Family Fundraiser at NH Beach Pizza in downtown Haverhill.  20% of all sales comes back to the PTO.  Thank you for your support!



    May 6th through May 10th – Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week – please join the PTO in thanking the staff for all the good they do for your child(ren).


    Encourage them to participate on the following days to help thank our teachers and staff:

    Mon, May 6th – High 5 Day – be sure to give each of your teachers and staff a “high 5” when you enter the room.

    Tues, May 7th – PTO will be supplying teachers and staff with candy treats

    Wed, May 8th – Teachers to use “Do Now” time to encourage students to write one kind word about their teacher.  AND, PTO will be providing the teachers and staff with Beach Pizza for lunch!!

    Fri, May 10th – students can write a letter/note to be passed into their teacher or a staff member.


    BoxTops – please submit boxtops to your homeroom teacher at any time during the year!  We collect them in middle school, as well!


    Unos: Copy of flyer for Thursdays event

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    December Minutes

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