Dr. Paul Nettle Middle School

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 The Nettle Middle School Community will nurture the development of responsible, respectful, and thoughtful citizens for life in an increasingly independent global society.  We will create safe learning environments in which students are challenged to explore, create, make decisions, and actively participate in and be accountable for their learning.



The Nettle staff, in partnership with our community, parents and students will strive to meet and exceed academic and developmental goals for all learners through a positive and consistent school climate in order to prepare them for college and careers using 21st century skills.


  • Nettle 2017 MCAS Schedule

    April 3                   5th Grade ELA Test 1,       6th Grade ELA Test 1

    April 4                   5th Grade ELA Test 2,       6th Grade ELA Test 2

    April 5                   7th Grade ELA Test 1,       8th Grade ELA Test 1

    April 6                   7th Grade ELA Test 2,       8th Grade ELA Test 2

    April 7                   5th Grade ELA Test 3

    May 8                    5th Grade Math Test 1,   6th Grade Math Test 1

    May 9                    5th Grade Math Test 2,   6th Grade Math Test 2

    May 10                    7th Grade Math Test 1,   8th Grade Math Test 1

    May 11                    7th Grade Math Test 2,   8th Grade Math Test 2

    May 22                 5th Grade Science Test 1, 8th Grade Science Test 1

    May 23                 5th Grade Science Test 2, 8th Grade Science Test 2

  • Basketball Play offs

    26 January:   Girls Semi Hunking vs. Whittier 6pm and SH vs. Nettle 7pm

    30 January:    Boys semi SH vs. Hunking 6pm and Nettle vs. Con 7pm

    06 February:    Cheerleading 5pm gym opens at 4:30/ Girls final at 6pm boys at 7pm


  • 2016 Open House

    Nettle Parents,

    We will host our Open House on 29 August from 5 – 630 PM.  Please join us to meet our staff and hear about changes for upcoming year.  Hope everyone is having a great summer.

    Tim Corkery, Principal

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